Sunday, March 23, 2014

Exalted: Blood and Fire v1.0

I just really like including "blood" in titles. What can I say? XD

Now that I'm back from vacation, I've got the last of the art in and finished up the document for release. I've added an example of play, the character sheet, and cleaned up some minor mistakes in the text. I'm tentatively calling this the Version 1.0 release of Exalted: Blood and Fire. If you find any mistakes or think of any additions to the text that would be useful, please make a note on the errata spreadsheet. Hope everyone enjoys!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blood and Diesel: Horizon

Virgil Reichhardt is a German-American from Texas, an industrialist and oil baron worth millions. Once a member of the KKK, he considered them to have lost their will and spirit in the sixty years since the Civil War. Reichhardt started his own American fascist movement, the Black Legion, comprised of like-minded racists and bigots. The Legion planned to overthrow the United States government and install a new one with Virgil as dictator, but a series of investigations and crackdowns led Reichhardt to flee with his most devoted followers. Rumors arose that he had begun taking funds from Germany and Japan, known fascist governments—and those rumors were proven true when Reichhardt finally resurfaced.

His city is called Horizon, and it is a wonder and marvel of modern engineering. Constructed as a mobile oil drilling platform, refinery, and industrial center, Horizon is home to many thousands of Germans, Japanese, Italians, Russians, and Americans, all working toward Reichhardt’s dream of a fascist world government. Hundreds of ships are docked at Horizon, as well as dozens of German U-boats. America looks at Horizon with a wary eye, knowing that it would be used as a major staging ground in case of war, as well as being responsible for funneling millions of gallons of fuel into the hands of foreign powers.