Saturday, August 24, 2013

Heroes of Terra

A number of years ago, I got turned on to the idea of a pulp action-adventure setting based on the Mario Brothers games. This idea was so pervasive that I started running it at conventions with Savage Worlds, under the title "Warriors of the Mushroom Kingdom." In time, this turned into a setting idea called "Warriors of the Mandragora Kingdom," which in turn became "Heroes of Terra" as the idea grew beyond Mario Brothers and into a wide world of Nintendo-themed pulp weirdness.

At long last, I can share that work with the world. Here, for the first time ever, is the wide-scale release of Heroes of Terra, the first book about the strange parallel world that exists alongside Earth. This book focuses on the continent of Lemuria, where the Mandragora Kingdom is locked in war with the Dragon Empire. Coming next is a plot point campaign, titled "Our Princess is in Another Castle," in which a mixed group of Terrans and Earthers work to rescue the Peach Princess, heiress to the Mandrake Throne. Eventually, I plan on doing supplements for the continents of Mu and Hyborea, but right now I'm focusing on getting the plot point campaign ready.

I've been running games in this setting at conventions for nearly five years now, so it seems strange to be sharing the setting with the wider world. Still, I can only hope that you all enjoy it.

As some notes: I did all the writing, editing, and layout work myself. The art is scavenged and found from various places on the web, so if anyone can tell me who the original artists are so that I can get their permission or at least credit them, I would appreciate it. If anyone wants to contribute art for a v2 release, I can offer only my gratitude. Goodness knows, I'd like to include art for each of the races and monsters, at least.

Edit (08/10/2015): In the time since I originally published this little fan-made setting, it got so much positive response that I petitioned Pinnacle for the license to make it into an official one. They approved! Heroes of Terra is now an officially licensed Savage Worlds product, available on DriveThruRPG! Thanks to everyone who made this possible! And watch for the full version of the main setting book, Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War, coming later this year to Kickstarter!