Friday, December 4, 2009

Heroes of the Tower: New Hindrance

Just so people don't think I reserve all my love for Edges, here's a new Hindrance for Heroes of the Tower.

Roont [Major Hindrance]
You were a child of the Callas once, born in the borderlands between Mid-World and End-World, but as a child you were stolen away to Thunderclap and there things were done to you. You came back big, slow, and dumb, and while you may have gotten a little better since then, you’re never going to be quite all there—and you’re one of the lucky ones.
A roont character gains the benefits of the Brawny Edge (and cannot take that Edge again), but suffers some severe penalties as well. You cannot raise your Smarts above d4, even after character creation. You suffer a –2 penalty on Guts checks because of your occasional fits of irrational terror, and you take a –2 penalty to Charisma due to your slightly deformed and unnerving appearance. Additionally, your life span is only about half that of a normal person’s. Good luck.

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