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Savage Pathfinder: Faith Edges

For the last little bit, I've been working on a Savage conversion of Paizo's Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting. Today, I'm posting up the Faith Edges I've written for the setting. What are Faith Edges, you ask? Read on!


The gods are real and powerful in the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting, and mortals are frequently tasked to carry out their will. The most common servants of the gods are priests and holy knights, and such characters typically have the Arcane Background (Miracles) Edge. Not every servant of the gods is a priest, though, and some priests are more devout than others.

Faith Edges are special Edges that can only be taken by characters that worship a particular god, and only with specific GM permission. Some Faith Edges require that the character be capable of casting miracles, while others are open to any member of the truly faithful.

Adept of the Inner Mysteries
Novice, Spirit d6+, Arcane Background (Miracles), follower of Irori
Followers of Irori turn their minds inward, using their powers to affect perfection of the self. When this Edge is selected, and again at each new Rank achieved, the character may select one of his known powers. That power now affects only the character (if it could affect other targets before), but the character can manifest that power as a free action.

All-Seeing Eye
Novice, Smarts d6+, Arcane Background (Magic or Miracles), Knowledge (Arcana) d6+, follower of Nethys
Nethys is the god of magic, and his followers determine rank among themselves by magical knowledge and ability. Characters with this Edge can use the detect arcana power at will with no cost. While doing so, their eyes scintillate with strange colors. Though there is no cost to use this ability, keeping it active still counts as maintaining a power for purposes of maintenance penalties.

Novice, Spirit d6+, Vigor d6+, follower of Cayden Cailean
The hearties that follow Cayden Cailean love fine drink and good company, and they are known for their bravery. Those with this Edge gain a +2 bonus on Guts checks, and even on a failed Guts check, they subtract –2 from the subsequent roll on the Fright table. Additionally, a Bravura gains +2 to Vigor rolls made to resist poison.

Crowning Glory
Novice, Spirit d6+, Arcane Background (Miracles), follower of Iomedae
Iomedae is a goddess of crusades and honorable combat. As Aroden’s inheritor, she is popular among righteous (and self-righteous) humans. A character with this Edge can spend 1 Power Point as a free action to gain the Champion Edge until the start of his next turn; if he already possesses that Edge, he instead doubles the bonuses from it until the start of his next turn.

Dawnflower’s Dance
Novice, Spirit d6+, Expression d6+, follower of Sarenrae
Sarenrae, frequently called “the Dawnflower” by her devoted followers, is a powerful goddess of redemption and healing. She represents the revealing light of the sun, and the healing power of forgiveness. Those that learn the steps of her holiest dance can cause their bodies to glow (as per the light power) at will with no cost. They can also cause any held weapon to burst into flames, adding +2 the weapon’s damage. These flames have little chance of setting a struck creature on fire, though this power can be used to light flammable materials with time and patience.

Forge Master
Novice, Smarts d6+, Repair d6+, follower of Torag
Humans and dwarves alike worship Torag as the father of the forge, god of creation and craftsmanship. His faithful do their best to emulate his abilities. A character with this Edge adds +2 to his Repair rolls. With a raise, he halves the time normally required to fix something. This means that if a particular Repair job already states that a raise repairs it in half the time, this character could finish the job in one-quarter the time with a raise.

Grey Warden
Novice, Spirit d6+, follower of Pharasma
Many folk fear Pharasma, the goddess of death, despite the fact that she is neither evil nor cruel. Her position as the judge of souls makes her important to nearly every religion, and the fact that she is neutral and nonjudgmental in all things makes her accepted among followers of nearly all other faiths.
Pharasma’s Grey Wardens are given license over life and death—they guard the living whose time has not yet come, and bring final peace to the dead that have not yet moved on. Within a radius equal to half the Grey Warden’s Spirit die, living creatures gain +2 to soak rolls and undead creatures suffer –2 to soak rolls. The Grey Warden can choose to apply or suppress this ability as a free action on his turn, but he cannot pick and choose which creatures within the area the modifier applies to.

Honest Effort
Novice, Spirit d6+, Vigor d6+, follower of Erastil
As the god of farming, hunting, and trade, Erastil values little else above hard work and honest effort. Those with this Edge gain a +2 bonus to rolls made to avoid Fatigue, as well as +2 on Survival rolls made to find food and water in the wilderness.

Hungry Darkness
Novice, Spirit d6+, follower of Zon-Kuthon
The Midnight Lord gives his most devout followers special influence over darkness and shadow. When a true believer in Zon-Kuthon fights in darkness, the darkness seems to come alive to fight with him. A character with this Edge gains a bonus on damage rolls equal to the current penalty his target is taking from lighting conditions. So, a character currently suffering a –2 penalty due to Dim lighting conditions would take +2 damage from attacks made by a character with this Edge. This does mean that creatures with low-light vision suffer less from this Edge than other targets. This only affects creatures suffering from actual darkness conditions, not effective ones, so blind characters are immune to the effects of this Edge.

Infernal Contract
Novice, Smarts d6+, Arcane Background (Miracles), follower of Asmodeus
To Asmodeus, those that gain miracles from him already owe him their souls. Still, those with something else to bargain away sometimes wind up the recipient of his largesse. By spending 1 Power Point as a free action, the character with this Edge gains +2 Toughness until the start of his next turn. While using this Edge, the character flickers with dull black flames.

Inner Beauty
Novice, Spirit d6+, Expression d6+, Charisma +2 or higher, follower of Shelyn
The faithful of Shelyn, the Eternal Rose, realize that true beauty comes from within. They must endeavor to create something of beauty every day, whether it is a work of art, dancing for strangers, or singing in public. These acts of harmonious creation make her most devoted followers almost impossible to rattle. A character with Inner Beauty adds half his Charisma bonus to rolls made to resist Intimidation and Taunt attempts.

Iron Lord
Novice, Strength d6+, Vigor d6+, follower of Gorum
The faithful of Gorum prize battle for its own sake, and highly value the tools of war. Iron Lords gain a +2 bonus on Repair rolls made to create or repair weapons and armor. Additionally, they treat any armor they wear or weapons they carry as though they weighed half their actual weight.

Keymaker’s Blessing
Novice, Spirit d6+, follower of Abadar
Called “Master of the First Vault” by his faithful, Abadar is the god of merchants and civilization, and he is frequently represented in conjunction with keys. Those with the Keymaker’s Blessing find many doors open for them. A character with this Edge gains a +2 bonus on Persuasion rolls, as well as a +2 bonus on Notice rolls made to discern lies.

Monstrous Visage
Novice, Vigor d6+, Charisma –2 or lower, follower of Lamashtu
The followers of the Mother of Monsters are inevitably ugly, either on the inside or the outside (and frequently both). The most devout learn how to turn their deformity into strength, and how to hate all that is beautiful. A character with this Edge applies his Charisma penalty as a bonus on Intimidation rolls. Additionally, this character gains a +2 bonus on damage rolls against any target with a Charisma bonus.

Pallid Pact
Novice, Spirit d6+, follower of Urgathoa
The goddess of gluttony, disease and undeath, Urgathoa is despised by most decent folk and embraced by the decadent and corrupt. Her priests must usually act in secret to avoid attention, but the physical excesses embraced by her faith inevitably reveal their presence. After taking this Edge, the character gains a +2 bonus on Vigor rolls made to avoid disease. Additionally, undead treat the character as one of their own; for less intelligent undead (like skeletons and zombies), this means that they will not attack the character unless specifically ordered to do so or unless the character attacks them first. The character gains +2 Charisma in regards to more intelligent undead creatures.

Poisoned Egg
Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), follower of Norgorber
The “Reaper of Reputation,” Norgorber is the god of secrets, greed and murder. Many assassin-priests serve this dire patron, and their ability to poison food with a touch is feared almost everywhere. By touching food or drink (or the container holding it), a character with this Edge can expend 2 Power Points and render it poisonous. Each use of this ability affects one meal’s worth of food or one cup’s worth of drink. Those that imbibe the tainted substance must attempt a Vigor roll at –2 or suffer a level of Fatigue; on a roll of 1 on the Vigor die (regardless of the Wild Die), the character instead suffers a wound.
It is traditional for priests to use this power on a boiled egg, thus the name.

Rough Beast
Novice, Strength d6+, Berserker or know the berserker power, follower of Rovagug
Legend says that Rovagug was born to destroy the world, and his mad followers revel in the idea of destruction for its own sake. A character with this Edge gains a special while using the Berserker Edge; a spellcaster with this Edge instead grants this benefit to anyone he casts the berserker power on. While in a berserk fury, the beneficiary of this Edge can ace damage rolls on objects normally, and any creature that suffers damage from a melee attack by this creature must attempt a Strength check against the amount of damage dealt or be knocked prone.

Savored Sting
Novice, Smarts d6+, Charisma +2 or higher, follower of Calistria
The goddess of trickery, lust and revenge, Calistria’s faithful are often sacred prostitutes or assassins—or both. A character with this Edge can apply his Charisma bonus to Taunt rolls. As firm believers in swift, hot-blooded vengeance, those with this Edge gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls against any target that has ever inflicted a wound on them.

Song of the Spheres
Novice, Spirit d6+, follower of Desna
By listening to the “song of the spheres,” the mystical harmony produced by the motion of the stars, one of Desna’s faithful can easily navigate from one place to another, as well as producing beautiful harmonies. This character gains +2 to music-based Expression rolls, and +2 to Survival rolls made to navigate or to avoid becoming lost.

Storm Warded
Novice, Spirit d6+, follower of Gozreh
Many sailors worship Gozreh, god of wind and waves, as do many other individuals whose livelihood depends on the sea. Those with this Edge gain a +2 bonus to any roll to avoid harm from wind or water, including rolls to avoid Fatigue from extreme weather, Swimming rolls, and opposed rolls to resist arcane powers with wind, water or electricity trappings.

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