Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playground of the Damned: Intro

I came across a neat wallpaper the other day that inspired me to want to run a short Savage Worlds zombies game where all of the player characters were grade-school children.

With that in mind, I've written up the quick intro for a short adventure I call "Playground of the Damned."

Adventure Background

At first, the adults tried to act like nothing was going on. They smiled and laughed like normal, but you could tell that something was wrong. Then one day you came to school, and most of the class was out sick, and so were almost all of the teachers. Your homeroom teacher was nervous and kept checking the radio while you and your few remaining classmates talked and played. You could overhear something about “infection” and “safe zones” and “evacuation points,” but you weren’t really paying attention until the town siren started going off.

Finally, the principal came in and told all of you to go to the emergency areas of the school and wait for the army to come. You’re worried about your parents, but the adults said that they would be all right. When you went to the emergency hallway, Mr. Owens the janitor was there, but he looked sick—and then he jumped on the principal and started biting him! Panic set in, and now you and four of your classmates are outside the school building, separated from everyone else. You’ve managed to pick up a few things you can use as weapons (or snuck some into class) and the class geek says he knows where the nearest safe zone is. With a little luck, maybe you can make it to safety.

But first, you have to make your way across school grounds filled with groaning, flesh-eating versions of your former classmates and through twenty blocks of urban wasteland. Get to it!


I'll be posting up the PCs for PotD over the next couple of days. Up first, Jimmy Corbett, the class misfit!

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